What products do you sell?

We don’t explicitly list everything that will sell as this changes quite frequently (often weekly). We do a wide range of artisan handmade products such as sourdough, tin loaves, cinnamon & other buns, cookies, tarts, pastries, brownies, focaccia.

Most weeks we have over 30 different products for sale as we try to offer as wide of a variety as we can!

Do you sell any gluten free products?

Unfortunately we don’t specifically sell anything which would advertise as gluten free. As we use many gluten products in our bakery there is always the potential for cross contamination.

We are still a very small business and therefore don’t have the capability to enforce a strict gluten free environment.

Are any of your products vegan?

Yes we have many vegan products available each week.

Many of our breads are vegan but also we endeavour to make at least one product from each of our product lines (tarts, cookies etc.) vegan.

Can I pre-order items?

Unfortunately we don’t allow customers to pre order ahead of time.
If we did allow pre-orders of items we would have more requests per week than we could deal with. We endeavour to treat all of our customers as equally and fairly we therefore operate on a first come first served basis

Can I come in to reserve items which are not ready?

Again we don’t have a policy here so as standard we don’t offer this service.

We are a really small business and keeping track of reservations whilst managing a queue of customers can be challenging and we try not to let anyone down by over promising and getting something wrong.