I’m Rachel and I am the co-founder, with my husband Tom, of Coosh Micro Bakery.

Coosh was born from a passion for eating and sharing the enjoyment of great food.

When Tom and I met I was working in a stressful job that didn’t suit me. I was so unhappy with my career and my prospects and felt I had no way to fulfill my potential.

Tom loves his job and has always told me that I could be so much happier doing something I have passion for everyday.

I wanted to make a big jump – I wanted to say “I’m quitting!!!” to my boss and dive head first into something new and exciting. I enrolled at The School of Artisan Food in 2020  and I have since achieved a degree in Artisan Food Production.

During this time I discovered the joy of baking and creating delicious products. It was during this time that I created Coosh Micro Bakery. I wanted to create a small bakery with a focus on flavour and creating usable bread products for our local area.

Coosh Micro Bakery launched in  August 2022 and we are yet to find out what is round the corner for us as a business. We continue to experiment with flavours and products with an aim of bringing the best possible baked products to our customers and running our business our way!

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story